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Colette Gallagher - Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Energy Wizard, & Yoga Teacher

Colette Gallagher - Aligned and Confident Transformation Coach and Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator in San Diego, CA


colette gallagher

Let's co-create magic and miracles in your life! Colette understands what it's like to live with anxiety, depression, heart-break, PTSD, ADD, and other life challenges. She released all of these things naturally, with no medication, using different tools and techniques she learned to heal herself. Now she loves teaching, facilitating, and creating courses that transform her students and using energy clearing to create lasting results in her clients .


Colette has a degree in psychology and is a certified life coach specializing in transforming limiting core filters and identities, integrating traumatic events & shadows, and healing relationship wounds. She is also an Access Consciousness Bars (TM) practitioner & facilitator, 200 hour yoga alliance trained yoga teacher, and has been researching the keys to success, love, and happiness for 30 years.


Fourteen years ago, Colette found herself in a place where she didn't even know who she was anymore. After a particularly bad breakup and other life challenges, she realized she had been putting all of her happiness into trying to please others and it wasn't working. She felt broken and miserable. She suffered with depression, anxiety so bad she couldn't even go to the store alone with having a panic attack, contemplated suicide, and was left wondering how life ended up like that.


She spent a lot of time rediscovering herself and creating a life she absolutely loves! Now she co-creates with others to uncover their true desires and create a life of freedom, happiness, love, and success. She believes everyone deserves to create their life to order and live a life that's beyond their wildest imagination.  


If you know more is possible for you and you're ready to learn and change things in your life but haven't been able to create those changes or feel stuck, book a free intro meeting with Colette and see if it's the right fit to work together! Isn't it time to align to your true desires and become confident enough in yourself to get them?


Colette Gallagher


To book an Access Consciousness Bars session  please call (760) 906-8822 or click the Book Now link


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"Colette is extremely insightful when it comes to emotions and behaviors involved with dating and relationships."


November 2017

"Thank you for your amazing business coaching that blankets so many areas of life. Your consistent warmth, tone and and resonance are a true guide especially for the independent natured woman like myself that rely on a steady track record to move toward trust."


January 2017

"I've had multiple sessions with Colette, and every time I've felt better after each session :) She is sweet, professional & her positive energy is contagious. I feel extremely comfortable with her. Highly recommend!
Sessions I've had with her were relationship coaching after break up, energy clearing & bars session"


July 2021

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