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Access Consciousness Bars (TM) Sessions & Classes &

Unlock Your Full Potential with Access Consciousness Bars


What would a Bars (TM)  session create for you?


What have you been asking to change that you haven't been able to change yet?

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and limitless possibilities. Access Consciousness Bars is your gateway to unlocking the hidden potentials within you, allowing you to live a life of joy, ease, and abundance.

Access Bars is a unique and gentle energy healing modality that has been changing lives for decades. Through a series of light touches on 32 points on the head, we release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that may have limited you in various areas of your life.

We are all made of energy. Keeping our energy clear and our vibration high allows us to be in alignment with what we desire and create our reality faster and easier. We often get bogged down with other people's judgments, fears, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness which stops us from getting what we are asking to manifest. Many people's lives are dramatically different after just a few Bars (TM) sessions.


I offer Access Consciousness Bars sessions and classes. Access Consciousness Bars sessions have been shown to help with stress, headaches, insomnia, overthinking, PTSD, ADD, OCD, creativity, business, and more. The mantra of Access Consciousness is "All of Life Comes to Me With Ease and Joy and Glory". The purpose of Access Consciousness is the allowance of everything and judgment of nothing. To learn more about Access Consciousness, please visit


I offer mobile Access Bars, Access Facelift , & MTVSS sessions at your office or home within 20 miles of La Jolla. If you live more than 20 miles from La Jolla there is an additional $20 travel fee. If you are more than 40 miles away, please contact me for travel fee information. We can also have your session in my office in Del Mar. 

Sessions can focus on any area of your life including relationships, business, or emotional wellness. Packages are available and a series of at least 4 Bars sessions are recommended, although you may see significant changes in your life after just one session. Every Bars session is different for everyone and every time so there is no "typical session" and it's best if you have an open mind and no expectations on what will happen. Most people see the biggest results after 6 sessions. 

Your first Bars, Facelift, & MTVSS session with me is $250. After that, sessions are $300 and last between 75 - 120 minutes. Please allow 2 hours for your session so you can relax before and after without rushing to your next appointment. A package of 4 sessions is $997 and 6 is $1199. Access Bars classes to learn how to give Bars sessions and become a Bars Practitioner (TM) are $440.

To book a session, please call 619-379-8586. You can also email me at Colette @ Colette

For classes, please see my event calendar or message me to set up a private class if you have at least 2 participants for a class.

Why Choose Access Consciousness Bars:

  • Embrace Inner Peace: Experience deep relaxation, stress relief, and a sense of calm that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Unlock Your Creativity: Clearing the "bars" can help release creativity and inspiration, allowing you to think outside the box and solve problems with ease.

  • Enhance Relationships: Break free from the limitations that may be affecting your relationships. Allow more space for love, connection, and understanding.

  • Boost Confidence: Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to self-assuredness. Access Bars can help you step into your power.

  • Improved Mental Clarity: Clear mental fog and clutter, making way for better decision-making and mental clarity.

What to Expect: As a certified practitioner, I will gently touch specific points on your head while you relax in a comfortable and peaceful environment. You might experience sensations of warmth, tingling, or simply deep relaxation during the session.

Who Can Benefit: Access Bars is for anyone seeking positive change in their life, from those struggling with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt to individuals seeking personal growth, well-being, and a greater sense of joy.

Experience the Shift Today: Are you ready to release the limitations that have held you back? Book a session with me and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Research has shown many practical benefits of the Bars. Here are some of the benefits they found after 4 sessions of Access Bars with high-stress professionals:

  • Bars are an extraordinary tool to completely eliminate stress in people

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Decrease in eating disorders

  • Decrease in digestive disorders

  • Decrease in headaches

  • Decrease in muscle aches

  • Increased sexual appetite

  • Less sadness

  • Less anxiety

  • Less fear of everyday things in life

  • It favored changes in attitude

  • Improved interaction and tolerance between people

  • Promoted a greater collaboration

  • Less irritability and reactivity with anger

  • Greater feeling of comfort at work and a perception of a more pleasant, less tense and more collaborative work environment

Book Your Access Bars Healing Session and Start Your Transformation Today!

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