Here are the resources I recommend to everyone as an affiliate:

Clickfunnels- you can use this to create revenue for your own products or services or you can become an affiliate for clickfunnels and make monthly residual income. I like clickfunnels because of all the training and resources provided and because it has helped so many people do millions in sales. By signing up with my link, you will get access to my Facebook group where I will do everything I can to help fast-track your success. Send me an email or message me on Facebook once you sign up and I'll send you the group link. 

Lifeworks University- To become successful, you must have a way to organize your life, get clarity, and know what to focus on. You also need support. Lifeworks University will help you with all of that. There is also residual income built into the system for people who stay in the loyalty program. First 30 days are free to try it.  

School of Magic & Miracles- Your energy attracts or repels what you desire. It's important to have the tools to keep your energy and vibration high and to be around high vibe people. That's what the school of magic and miracles is for. 

Once you sign up for clickfunnels, I recommend going through Stephen Larson's free affiliate outrage, Rachel Lee's free training, and doing the 30 day challenge next time it is offered. 

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