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How to Flirt Over Text Without Being Creepy

“Texts Are Meant to Be Fun and Light”

Colette Gallagher (13:25-13:29)

Sending a flirty text message is a great way to spice things up during the dating stage. Technology is continuously evolving, and it makes online dating a lot easier compared to how it used to be in the past. In this episode, Colette Gallagher gives tips on how you can flirt over text without being creepy.

Part One of ‘How to Flirt Over Text Without Being Creepy’

As a healthy relationship champion, I teach people how to get into actual loving partnerships. That means you should not be making decisions that you will regret later on. Do not do things like sending inappropriate photos to someone via text because you never know what's going to happen after that. You do not want to take that risk.

“Make it your goal to confess your feelings in-person.” – Colette Gallagher (06:45-06:53)

If you have been dating for a while and you feel like you're starting to fall in love, self-control and patience can save you from possible heartbreak. Say I love you for the first time when you're together. Cherish this particular moment. I do not recommend using the love word for at least a month or two. Because many people think attraction and lust are both equivalents to love. Don't mess with people's feelings until you're sure. Make sure you're seeing someone for who they are, their good and bad sides.

There's nothing wrong about liking the person too soon because some love stories have started this way. But, take things slowly and don't be someone who jumps into a relationship too soon. You want to make sure that this is the kind of relationship you want to keep in the long run.

Exchanging conversations via text could be fun, but don't get so carried away that you lose sight of going through the proper dating process.

And when you take the time to get to know someone, you get to have more time to reflect on whether they're the right person for you.

Exchanging conversations via text could be really fun but don’t get so carried away that you lose sight of going through the proper dating process.

And when you take the time to get to know someone, you get to have more time to reflect on whether they're the right person for you.

Part Two of ‘How to Flirt Over Text Without Being Creepy’

Don't be generic when you're texting and flirting. Make sure that you're putting an amount of effort in a way that the other person will appreciate. Nobody wants to exchange texts with someone too lazy to type words to be more expressive. The way you communicate shows how much you're interested in taking the dating stage into the next level.

“We all want someone who remembers the tiny details about us.” – Colette Gallagher (10:22-10:50)

Ask them how their day is going or how is their work. If you've known each other for a long time, that's the right starting place. You may consider asking questions that are related to the other person's hobbies. Check-in and ask them specifically about the things happening in their life so that they know that you care to remember how they're doing. Without a personal connection, they're going to think you're playing around and looking for someone else. If you're looking for a relationship, you don't want them to believe that you're just playing with them. You want to remember even the little things. Ask them questions directly about them and their situation. Give them genuine compliments about their achievements.

Don't ask invasive questions, especially over text. You don't want to start asking them

how much money they make, medical history, blood type, taxes, or about sex. Texting is supposed to be like a short flirty conversation. Save any in-depth discussion for being in-person together or on the phone. You want to talk on the phone or in-person as much as possible when you're dating. So, texts should be short and sweet. Nothing too controversial. You don't want to get too crazy with the wording. Texts should be fun and light. Tell them the fun things about your day or ask them if anything fun happened with them. Keep texts light, fun, exciting, and flirty. No weird questions that might require lengthy explanations. You want to be transparent and honest about everything, but it is best to save it for a call or personal meet-up.

How to Get Involved

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