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The 5 Red Flags in The Talking and Dating Stage

“When Something Feels Off, It Is.”

Colette Gallagher (00:57-1:04)

Identifying the red flags during the dating process may be difficult for those who are new to the experience of forming an intimate bond with another person. In this episode, Colette Gallagher talks about the five red flags in the talking and dating stage that will develop your intuition and guide you to wise dating decisions. 

Part One of ‘The 5 Red Flags in The Talking and Dating Stage’

There are plenty of imperative factors that you need to consider before you level up from casual dating into an actual committed relationship. But before you give the green light to someone, you need to be able to spot the red flags that will eventually cause potential problems in the future. 

“Most people are on their best behavior in the first few months of dating.” – Colette Gallagher (05:22-05:26)

The best way to truly know someone is to take things slowly and make sure that you're really getting to know someone. The first few months of dating should be the part where both people are just having fun getting to know each other without getting too attached because that’s how you know if someone is the right person for you. After all, the best relationships develop out of great friendships which means allowing things to slowly build rather than forcing is like building it on a solid foundation and ensuring that you have something to fall back on when tough times come.

We’re talking about someone whom you’re possibly going to spend the rest of your life with. That’s why every little thing matters like asking yourself if his actions, words, and behaviors convince you that he’s someone you really want to be around long term. For example, if that person is controlling, you must know that it’s completely different when someone tells you what to do and if he’s already starting to tell you what to do in the very beginning. With proper observation and intuition, if you see that things are going in a direction where it’s not supposed to be, you might as well cut your losses and just move on.

Some people end up getting confused about what happened because they rushed into a relationship and ignored all the red flags.

Some people tend to brush off the little things that will certainly matter in the long run and end up wasting four to six or even many years with somebody whom they have never taken enough time to know. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a relationship work as the simple act of showing respect whether it’s about your choices, your time and many other aspects.  

Part Two of ‘The 5 Red Flags in The Talking and Dating Stage’

One of the behaviors that you should really watch out for is complaining about everything and blaming everyone for all their problems, which is a form of emotional abuse. This shows that the person you’re dating isn’t responsible for their life and their choices. A lot of times we’re willing to put up with things that we wouldn’t let somebody that we love to put up with. Be sure to listen to your guts and anything that feels off.

“There’s no reason to rush a relationship because if they are the one, you have your whole life to get to know each other and be together.”  - Colette Gallagher (13:52-13:59)

Ask yourself if you have to change who you are or what you’re doing to be with them. Keep your hobbies, keep your friends, especially in the beginning, because you don't know if this is going to work out for the first six months. If that person is making you feel guilty or bad for wanting to spend time with others or because you want to spend time on your hobbies, then that’s a red flag. You definitely want to be able to do what you want to do without having to defend yourself though having to feel bad.  Lastly, you must be able to communicate openly with how you’re feeling. You deserve someone who makes you feel seen, heard and be completely transparent with. If you find yourself being cut off in a story, maybe they don't want to hear what you have to say, and so you're censoring yourself, then that's the time to walk away.

How to Get Involved

Let's co-create magic and miracles in your life! Colette understands what it's like to live with anxiety, depression, heartbreak, PTSD, ADD, and other life challenges. She released all these things naturally, with no medication, using different tools and techniques she learned to heal herself. Now she loves teaching, facilitating, and creating courses that transform her students and using energy clearing to create lasting results in her clients.

If you know more is possible for you and you're ready to learn and change things in your life but haven't been able to create those changes or feel stuck, book a free intro meeting with Colette and see if it's the right fit to work together! 


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