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Step Into The Life You’ve Been Dreaming About!

You’ve watched the manifestation videos, read the law of attraction books, memorized the movie ‘The Secret’, and you STILL can’t create the life you KNOW you should be able to. What the fuck, right?
Well I’m here to tell you it does work. You can manifest anything you desire. Love, health, money, joy, peace, and anything else you’ve been writing out for your full moon intention list. And it’s as easy as they say it is. Ask and it is given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened up to you.
So why are you exactly where you were before you started doing all of the things to create and manifest your reality? That’s what I used to ask. Why isn’t my life changing? Where are all the things I’ve intended to create? Why is my full moon intention list the same every month? Where is my soul mate? Why am I stuck? What am I doing wrong?
I bought all the rocks, did the meditations, said my affirmations, lit the candles, danced under the full moon, saged my energy and my space, worked with the healers, cleared the blocks, and did everything they said. Things started changing but super slowly. I could manifest some things super fast and other things not at all.
Then all of the teachings started sinking in. Your reality is about how you FEEL. All of the things they say to do is to get you in a place of feeling. But I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times.
So how do you get to a place of feeling the things you desire when deep inside you feel undeserving, selfish, not good enough, like a burden, like you have no value, sad, angry, depressed, stupid, ugly, anxious, or any of the other feelings that keep you from manifesting?
The universe knows how you REALLY feel… no matter how happy you pretend to feel or lie to yourself about. You must get to a place of REALLY feeling joyful, secure, peaceful, loved, confident, wealthy, healthy, and powerful before it ever manifests into your reality.
That’s what I teach people. How to get to that place. Meditation, journaling, setting intentions, wearing stones, and clearing your energy are just the tools… and you don’t actually need any of that. You could just decide to let go of years of holding onto deep wounds, trauma, and programming and go back to your childhood state of joy and wonder… but if you’re like me, that doesn’t just happen instantly. Most people don’t even know what their wounds and trauma… aka blocks… are because they’re just too damn painful to feel and think about.
I’ve created courses that create the awareness of the changes and blocks that must happen to manifest your reality… whether that is calling in your soulmate, building your confidence, or returning to a state of calm. I also work one-on-one with people to uncover the blocks that stop your manifestations, as well.
You can have the life you’ve intended. I promise. Don’t give up. Whether you choose to learn from me or not, please keep seeking the truth and love. It is all possible for you.

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