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Why Online Dating May Be The Key to Finding Love

my soulmate and me

Online dating just might be your key to finding love. With so many different types of dating sites to find your potential partners it’s easier than ever to meet your sweet. Here are six reasons I recommend online dating.

  1. You know they’re looking for a date. If you meet people in a bar, event, gym, or other public place you have no idea if they are looking for meet someone. Even if they are single, they may be happily single. You know if they are on a dating site, they are looking for a date.

  2. You can get to know someone a bit before ever having to meet them in person. This is especially great for introverts and shy people who find it challenging to talk to new people. Online dating sites give you a chance to chat with and get to know people before ever having to have an awkward conversation.

  3. You know if you have common interests right away based on their pictures and profiles. Some sites even show your mutual friends. This gives you a conversation starter and lets you know if they might be a good match for you.

  4. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. If you hang out in the same circles and haven’t met anyone interesting, you may think there aren’t any potential partners out there for you. Online dating shows potential matches in your area and can open your eyes to the possibilities.

  5. It’s easy and convenient. You can go on there at any time of day and start looking for matches and messaging people. This is great for people with busy schedules. You won’t miss out on the hottie because they weren’t there at the same time you were.

  6. Builds your self-esteem. You can practice your opening lines and flirting skills to see what works and what doesn’t quickly and easily and don’t risk getting rejected in person. You also feel good when people start matching and messaging with you.

Of course, online dating can also be overwhelming or disappointing if you just go on there and hope for the best. I did this for years... 12 to be exact. Then through trial and error I discovered a process that made it so I never had bad dates. This process is also what I used to find my love within 90 days of starting to use it, and he

is amazing. I decided to make a guide to teach other women this process so they can enjoy online dating.

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